Flexible stone coating

Flexible stone is another natural product of celomix, which was first developed using a special method using quartz sandstone in the form of very thin layers of about two millimeters in dimensions of 110 x 45 cm.

سلومیکس سنگ انعطاف پذیر

Very practical product for covering and beautifying all surfaces

Flexible stone has a wide range of applications and in a wide range of interior and building decoration, from decorative items and objects, lighting, paintings and reliefs, sculptures and continues to the exterior of buildings.

The flexible Clemix stone has the ability to adapt to the bottom surface and shape of its bed, and is easily placed on the curvature of domes, round columns or indentations and protrusions, and it can be continuous and seamless or with straps. Optional used.

Full coverage but with the possibility of light transmission!

طنگ انعطاف پذیر سلومیکس

The flexible celomix stone has both full coverage and light transmission, and this interesting feature gives designers the idea to make good use of it in designing home, office and exhibition booth decorations.

Important features of flexible stone coating

No need for wall substructure
Unlimited color variation
Transmission of light
Cover wall cracks
Run in minimal time
Very reasonable price
Healthy and natural structure
Reduce light reflection
Impact resistance