Flexible decorative brick

آجر منعطف سلومیکس

Brick facade gives beauty to the exterior of the building. The use of brick facades inside the building is also very popular, especially around fireplaces and decorative walls.

Celomix offers unique products for professional designers and builders, allowing them to use brick facades with more efficiency and beauty, inside or outside the building.

Celomix decorative brick with its unique variety and ease of use in different designs and colors, provides the ability to create beautiful harmonies in the form of traditional and modern design of interior decoration and exterior.

آجر انعطاف پذیر سلومیکس

Great choice for professional designers!

The use of decorative celomix bricks is an economical solution for designing the interior and exterior of the building, including the kitchen, living room, lobby and communal.

The flexibility and variety of appearance of this product is very high, from red brick to white brick, making it an ideal choice for any type of design.

Flexible brick, only five millimeters thick!

Important features of flexible decorative bricks

No need for wall substructure
Unlimited color variation
Cover wall cracks
Run in minimal time
Very reasonable price
Healthy and natural structure