Celomix Stone Spraying Coating

گرانیت پاششی

Stone spraying coating:
It is a decorative cover made of natural stone that is resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and shows high resistance to water erosion.
This coating has a high execution speed and low cost for mass producers and a significant color fastness and stability.
And the final cover will leave a strong, beautiful and luxurious look in the interior and exterior of your building.

Beautiful, affordable and durable view for the building

Stone celomix is a flexible and natural coating that is applied in several layers on the wall surface.
In the manufacture of this product, micronized minerals have been used and several types of special water-based resins have been used, which has made it highly resistant to the sun’s UV rays, frost and acid rain.

Stone Celomix Spraying Process:

  • Primer layer (for better adhesion of the spray layer to the bottom surface)
  • Tissue layer (texture)
  • Protective top layer (protection of facade surface against dust and harmful sun rays)

The first choice for the facade of parking walls and common areas of the building

Use celomix Stone Wall Coverings:

  • Interior and exterior of villa buildings, apartments and mass construction and .
  • Suitable for parking walls and stairs, especially low levels that are accessible to the public.

پوشش سنگ پاششی

Some features and benefits of celomix stone:

No need for wall substructure
Unlimited color variation
Cover wall cracks
Run in minimal time
Very reasonable price
Healthy and natural structure