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Celomix liquid wallpaper is an interior wall and ceiling coating material that is made up of textile and cellulofibres and decorative components. When some water is added to the ready-to-use powdery material in the Celomix pack, it can be simply applied on any surface like interior walls, wood, glass, or metals. Because it’s a fibre-based material, it gives a warm and unique textured character to your interior decoration. Celomix is also available in a wide range of colours and textures.

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If you’d like to get the job done by professionals, we will do it for you. We have our own well-trained executive team which will handle it from A to Z.

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Product Features & Advantages

Not only is Celomix liquid wallpaper unique in style it has many benefits. it's excellent features made it so popular in many modern countries that many people prefer it over other traditional wall coating materials such as paint or normal wallpapers.


It neutralizes the sound reflections and provides an acoustic environment to your home


It provides insulation of heat and let your better control your home temperature


It is a non-toxic substance made of natural materials and 100% eco-friendly and recyclable

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It is extremely easy to apply for everyone with minimal surface preparation required

Fire Retardant

Because it is inflammable material it reduces the risk of fire and enhances your home safety


Unlike painting and other wall coating materials, it has no fumes or annoying odor

Learn how to do it yourself

The way of preparation and application isn’t complicated and only a plastic trowel is used as equipment. If you follow our clear instructions provided on this website and also inside the package, you will be able to do it easily and perfectly. It is a quick and easy process!

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“From start to finish, the work of this great team exceeded my expectations. The professional advice in choosing colors and materials was great!”

Halima Dube

Halima Dube

Project Owner

“Celomix staff have provided us with wall decoration services in the most professional manner. I would recommend them to everyone for any size project. My office looks great with this material and it changed my business”

Maurine Mwangi

Maurine Mwangi

Business Owner

“This product is just awesome and I recommend it to everyone. I have decorated my children’s room with Celomix and now it looks amazing. It was super easy and I just did simply by following the instructions.”

Caroline Nuseli

Caroline Nuseli

Happy Celomix Customer

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