Celomix Liquid wallpaper is fire retardant

Whether you’re looking to comply with safety legislation for your building or just want to make sure your home, café, restaurant, hotel, guesthouse, warehouse, or you want to minimize the risk of fire at your home and increase the level of safety, it’s important to make sure you’ve had an appropriate fire risk assessment. Once this is done, you should eliminate the risk factors and select the best fire-resistant products to use. Wall coating is an important factor in fire risk control that should be taken into account. When properly applied, Celomix liquid wallpaper on the surfaces acts as a heat-resistant barrier, protecting the occupants of a building for up to two hours. This allows ample time to evacuate the building and for the fire to be extinguished at the source before major structural damage occurs. Flame can not move on it as there are no chemicals and flammable substances used in the material. So using liquid wallpaper helps you to protect your places against fire.

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