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Celomix Liquid Wallpaper

Celomix liquid wallpaper is an interior wall and ceiling coating material that is made up of textile and cellulofibres and decorative components. When some water is added to the ready-to-use powdery material in the Celomix pack, it can be simply applied on any surface like interior walls, wood, glass, or metals. Because it’s a fibre-based material, it gives a warm and unique textured character to your interior decoration. Celomix is also available in a wide range of colours and textures.

Our product is available in a wide range of shades and textures that enable our customers to make their extraordinary interior design ideas a reality. Extra decorative elements, such as glitter or minerals, can be added to the final finishing mixture to make it more eyecatching.

Compare Celomix

Compare Celomix liquid wallpaper with other traditional wall coating materials to understand why Celomix liquid wallpaper is the best choice for interior finishes.

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Celomix vs Paint

In comparison with Paint, Celomix is safer, more eco-friendly, and more decorative, while presenting a lot of pros.

Wallpaper VS

Celomix vs Normal Wallpaper

It has several advantages over traditional wallpaper, as it is more affordable, easier, and better in many other ways.

cladding VS

Celomix vs Cladding

Compared to wall cladding, Celomix liquid wallpaper is more economic, easier to remove, and a lot more advantageous.

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